Linda van de Weele MD, PhD student

Member of WP2 & WP5

AmsterdamUMC, location AMC, member of the groups of Niek de Vries and Taco Kuijpers

My project will focus on BCR-sequencing of different auto-immune mediated disease cohorts; pre- and post-treatment. Our hypothesis is that BCR-repertoire in vivo can predict the outcome of in-vivo inhibition. In the AMC we have already an UMI-based pipeline running. We can sequence on low cell numbers and with the help of robotized assays our results are highly reproducible.

Furthermore I’m working on a new biomarker for disease activity in different disease cohorts. The IgG4:IgG mRNA ratio (qPCR test) reflect disease activity in IgG4-related disease and in ANCA+ vasculitis. Our aims within the Target-to-B! is to determine whether this test can be used as disease activity marker in different types of vasculitis (e.g. GCA) and other cohorts (e.g. pemphigus, myasthenia gravis