Mariateresa Coppola, MD, PostDoc

Department of Molecular Cell Biology & Immunology, AmsterdamUMC, location VUMC

Member of the T2B WP2-5

Unrevealing new facets of the human immune responses fascinates me enormously, especially since I believe this knowledge could be translated into a better prevention and treatment of disabling immune-mediated diseases.

After medical school, I gained research-experience in vaccine-mediated immune responses during my PhD tract and a three-year Marie Curie vaccinologist training. Within TargetToB, I will deep-phenotype B and follicular T-helper cells by mass-cytometry and integrate that with functional assays. This approach will increase our comprehension of the heterogeneous cell subsets involved in the pathogenesis of auto-immune diseases and cancer which is indispensable to identify novel biomarkers predicting therapy-outcomes and disease-prognosis.

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