Project Committee members

Prof. Dr. Taco Kuijpers
Steering Committee
(Amsterdam UMC, locatie AMC)

Prof. Dr. Marieke van Ham
Steering Committee

Prof. Dr. Rene Toes
Steering Committee

Dr. Cecile van Els

Prof. Dr. Rudi Hendriks

(Erasmus MC)

Prof Dr. Reina Mebius

Dr. Pieter van Paassen

Dr. Bram Rutgers

Leo Casteel
(Pfizer B.V.)

Project Management

The project management is done by the Executive Committee consisting of professor Taco Kuijpers (coordinator),  professor Marieke van Ham, professor Rene Toes.

The Executive Committee is supported by Eugenie Quartier, the Project Manager and Andien Vaes, Consortium Controller at the financial department of AMC Medical Research (AMR).

Andien Vaes

Eugenie Quartier